Big Data

Big Data

More data has been produced alone in last 2 years as compared to the entire human history. So Kafal Soft makes use of the strongest asset in today`s world, that is "Data" and opt for the most optimal business solution.

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What is Big Data ??

Big data is the combination of tools and resources used to manage very large, complex datasets from heterogeneous data sources (sensors, upstream apps, websites, log files, databases of other apps) which helps an organization make better decisions for themselves and their customers. It makes use of the trends and patterns to help an organization understand their target audience better and use analytics to grow in value and increase their overall customer retention and market presence. This service is not just limited to the IT industry, but healthcare, finance, energy, fashion, retail, defence, agriculture to name a few, and each and every sector that produces data, even the Indian government is moving towards leveraging Big Data to make better decisions.


Big Data @ Kafal

In today`s market, each and every business generates "Data", be it a fortune 500 company or an SME and that is where we at Kafal Soft come into the picture. We help you leverage data and make it more meaningful to you, so that you can make better decision for your organization and more importantly your customers. Our specialists empirically use raw data and make it consumable as per the client`s requirements and needs which provide business solutions with utmost reliability and accuracy. All this comes from years of dedication and hard work towards what we do.

Is your data to big to handle?

Is your data lying idle and don`t know what to do with it?

Is your unstructured data increasing day by day?

Do you want realtime insights from your streaming data sources?

Let us help you create a datalake from all your datasources as a single source of truth for your downstream business app, for insightful dashboards and much more.... That`s what we do at Kafal Soft.

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